Reasons to Stay Alive

No man ever threw away a life while it was worth keeping.

If you are suicidal, there is very likely a life-and-death battle that is going on inside you. In this struggle, anything that reinforces your survival instinct works to your advantage. One of the best ways to strengthen your instinct for self-preservation is to identify what is tethering you to life. There are two categories of what tethers us to life: our reasons for staying alive and our reasons not to die.

Examples of your reasons for staying alive might include, “I want to be here for my child” or “I have some purpose I need to fulfill.

For some people, it may be that identifying their reasons not to die is a more powerful deterrent to suicide. Examples might be, “I have a fear of death,” or “I have a fear of the unknown.”

The pages below will guide you to explore both your reasons for staying alive and your reasons not to die.