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The purpose of this website is to give hope to people who are struggling with suicidal pain and to provide them with the tools they can use to survive and begin life anew. 

I am an author and mental health educator who writes and teaches on the topics of psychology, healing, and spirituality. I am the author of ten books, including Healing from Depression: 12 Weeks to a Better Mood, Words That Heal the Blues, and Healing From Depression Naturally. My memoir, When Going Through Hell… Don’t Stop! has been acclaimed as “a lifeline to healing” for those suffering from mental health disorders and their families. In addition, I run a YouTube channel on depression recovery as well a healing from depression website.

My interest in suicide prevention has arisen from my lifelong struggle with suicidal depression. I have also lost a number of people to suicide, including my therapist, my roommate, and a good high school friend. My research and my own experience have convinced me that suicide is preventable when people get the right kind of support and are connected to the right kind of resources.

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