Reasons for Hope

There is no medicine like hope. No incentive so great and no tonic so powerful as the expectation of something better tomorrow.

Those of us who have suicidal thoughts are wanting a way to end what seems like unbearable pain. But pain alone does not necessarily lead to the decision to end one’s life. When pain is coupled with the belief that the pain will never end, we lose hope and feel that life is no longer worth living. It is this loss of hope, even more than the pain itself, that leads to the desire to escape life.

Perhaps you are feeling hopeless and are thinking to yourself:

  • My future will never be better. 
  • Nothing will change for me. 
  • My pain will never ever stop.
  • I will not be able to accomplish my life goals. (Or, I no longer have any goals.)
  • I have no way to change my situation.
Although you may feel despair right now, there are ways that you can counter this sense of hopelessness and begin to believe that your situation is only temporary.

I encourage you to read through the strategies described in the pages below to increase your sense of hope: