Survival Plan

My Life is to survive and be alive, for you.

If you are in pain and considering ending your life, you may have tried many things to reduce this pain and have found nothing has worked. As a result, you might be feeling hopeless about your prospects for recovery. You might be thinking, “If I cannot find a way to stop this pain soon, perhaps it would be better to end my life now rather than to continue to suffer.“

Fortunately, in addition to the part of you that is pondering suicide, there is another part of you that wishes to live. This is because nature has programmed you (and all living things) with a survival instinct. This will to live and the tenacity to not give up is why the overwhelming majority of people who seriously think about suicide do not act on their suicidal thoughts. I believe the same can be true for you. The odds are in your favor that you are going to be okay. 

To support you on your survival journey, the information below will give you the practical tools and coping strategies to keep yourself alive until your rescue happens.