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My name is Douglas Bloch, and I’m glad you’ve found your way to this site. I assume that you have come here because you are in distress and are considering suicide as a way to end that pain. If that is true, I hope that you are working with a mental health counselor. If you are not yet, I encourage you to seek one soon.

Your outlook on your situation has likely become constricted and you have developed tunnel vision, believing that there are no other options to end your pain except by ending your life. I have created this website in order to offer you hope that you can feel better and to provide you with the resources you need to survive your ordeal. I believe that if you can find ways to cope with your distress, or to diminish it even slightly, death will no longer seem like the only option.

My connection with suicide is both personal and professional. I have suffered from clinical depression since the age of eighteen, and many times in my life, when my agony was so great, I thought the only way to end it was to end my life. Fortunately, I found the support that I needed to safely emerge from my ordeal. I have also been touched by suicide through the untimely deaths of a number of people in my life. 

I offer written and video content on this site that are informed by my personal experience, as well as my years of supporting others with my books, YouTube channel, my website “Healing from Depression,” and peer support groups. You can engage further with the material and deepen your experience by participating in Journal Reflections and Activities at the end of most pages.

What I hope to provide is a way for you to see beyond your tunnel vision and to offer messages that say, “Wait! You do have other options. You can survive this agony if you can just hold on.” 

Suicidal crises are time-limited; they do not last forever. No matter how badly you may be feeling right now, I believe that you can survive your suicidal crisis. If you can hold on, persevere, and reach out for support, you will find renewed hope and begin to feel that life is worth living again.

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I will talk to the person who runs the website and see if I can find out what’s going on.


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